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Issue 4: Duty

Print issue sold out – now available on digital!

Is it our duty as humans to treat each other’s spirit and wellbeing as important as the need for food and shelter?


In this issue we explore just what is being done out of duty nowadays that isn’t being talked about, simply because it's being done quietly, without fanfare or thought for gain. Asking what is our individual and collective focus on duty, in the humble sense – without self-congratulation and boasting?

Do we see duty as a cultural responsibility or a moral obligation?

Featuring interviews with: Scientist, ecologist, author and winner of the Sydney Peace Prize Dr Vandana Shiva; Recognised yogis Trevor Tangye, Eve Grzybowski, Mark Robberds, Maty Ezraty and Mark Whitwell;  Penny Arcade, New York performance artist; The School of Life’s co-founder John Armstrong; Sydney emerging artists Hyun-Hee Lee, Louise Zhang, Ben Ali Ong, and Stevie Fieldsend; Creative couples Sharlee Gibb and Matt Wilkinson, Lulu and Mischka, Sarah Ward and Bec Mathews, Louise Wheelan and John Ogden.

Photo Series from: Abdul Abdullah (AU), Michael O’Neill (US), Giles Clarke (UK), and Marian Drew (AU).

Special Guest Contributors: Rev. Graham Long, Noula Diamantopoulos and Ven. Robina Courtin.

Contributors include: Melita Rowston, Dominique Antarakis, Neera Scott, Francesco lo Lacono, Courtney Mattison, Renae Spinks, Veronica Layunta-Maurel, Kate Anglestein and Gemma Therese Pearce, Jo Litson, Toby King, Nicky Lobo, Augusta Supple, Rhianna Wallcott.

Illustrations from: Chloe Joyce (AU)

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