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YOKE is an ad-less publication that has made its mark whilst believing in the power of creativity and unity to inspire transformation. YOKE has grown up into a community of ethical human beings, who want to evolve and absorb the beauty of this planet, recognising our deep interconnectedness. Because we each have what it takes to be better to ourselves, do good to one another, and to finally recognize that deep ecology is our main principle for peace on this planet. We want to recognize the power of creativity and how our readiness to do so in this fast–passed world can transform how we see and how we act.

What does YOKE mean?

YOKE means to unite, to yoke together the finite, limited part of you with the infinite, limitless part of you. In ancient Sanskrit, yoke is ‘YUJ’ युज् , which is the root word of yoga योग, and the word yoga means ‘to be yoked’ – and the spiritual concept of ‘being yoked’ means to join or connect, to form a bond, to unite, and as we are spirit, we see this as profound medicine for our time.  This is why, we named this magazine YOKE.

What are our values & mission?

Generosity – it's the contagious soul food needed to ripple out

Intention – the only way something gets birthed

Authenticity  – don't be anything else but you

Intimacy – it’s an art form that leads to deeper inner landscapes

Risk – deepens our inner landscapes without it we become fragile and mediocre


Our mission is to offer pathways to live more authentically at a time when our societies are moving faster than ever, when our lives are becoming more globalised yet fragmented and when ‘connecting’ somehow disconnects us. We simply wish to encourage unplugging mindfully, experience and feel gratitude for the moment, raise the bar, and explore what it takes to unite through creativity that inspires transformation of our socially sophisticated interdependence.

What's does YOKE cover?

Inside these issues you'll find an explosive mix of many delicious things that invite you to delve deep.  There are no mainstream, celebrity wellness pages to be found, because we are into celebrating beautiful ideas and real people. We are a magazine that seriously aims to live joyfully in the small moments and celebrate stories of difference, whilst pursuing the sacred ancient wisdoms and making them relevant for our current day.

What's inside?

We work to pursue stories that span different communities and cultures, sharing creative art forms be it visual art, words, music, poetry, film or photography, featuring some of the most talented local and international writers, photographers and illustrators to tell stories in a unique way. We have commissioned stories on people such as: scientist, ecologist Dr Vandana Shiva; Penny Arcade, New York performance artist; The School of Life’s co-founder John Armstrong; Internationally renowned yogi Seane Corn; the enchanting Ven. Robina Courtin; The legendary Cindy Pastel; mantra musicians Deva Premal, Mitten and Manose; Aboriginal elder Minmia; renowned Sydney-based Ashtanga yoga teachers: Paul Frechtling, Eileen Hall and Fiona Pullen; B. Allan Wallace; Australian Indigenous artist Christian Thompson; choreographer Ryan Heffington and more.

Advertising & partnering

YOKE is a reader-supported publication, promoting creative and independent journalism and the collaboration of talented creatives to bring it to life, proudly advertising free. 


Our approach to partnerships is about creativity and confidence. Together our brands will communicate a shared philosophy and vision: the power of creativity to inspire change. 


Founding Editor–in–chief: Cynthia Sciberras

Deputy Editor: Dominique Antarakis


210 x 297 mm

Number of Pages:
100 – 120


100% Recycled Post Consumer waste; Process Chlorine Free; CMYK inks used are
based on a mixture of soy and linseed vegetable oils. By printing this publication on 100% recycled paper the environmental impact was reduced by the Carbon Neutral Company.


January 2014


This is a subscriber-supported, independently produced high-quality eco-friendly print magazine. Published and distributed by YOKE PUBLICATIONS based in Sydney, Australia.

Cynthia Sciberras is a creative activist and patron of women and the arts with a special skill for creating nourishing communities and meaningful conversations for change. With a dedication to seeing creativity, beauty and unity as the force for change. She also brings together an all -female collective of passionate creative experts, under the agency Creativity Moves, who champion authenticity and excellence as a celebration of women.

Dominique Antarakis is the CEO & Founder of Change&Co. Drawing on her background as a journalist and agency copywriter to craft compelling copy on complex topics, she is a master storyteller, oversees a team of thinkers, change agents and communicators helping ethical organisations do good, better.

Contact us

We like approaching the definition of ‘creativity’ outside of mainstream and showcasing diversity, and giving insight into the magic of the creative process. We are on the hunt to find ethical humans that are creatively making positive change so we can share them with the world.

If you have an unexpected story to pitch to us, or a community project that you think we need to know about, you can submit your ideas by emailing

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