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Artist: Kawita Vatanajyankur



Applauding a decade of continued celebration of beauty, wisdom and creativity, and showcasing stories of difference by bringing forth unique voices for the exchange of ideas, experiences and solutions. 

This special print edition of YOKE is a comprehensive look at how women have used their feminine wisdom, awareness and innovative thinking to challenge the status quo and pave the way for future generations. An engaging and crucial exploration of the progress and challenges faced by women over the last decade [2014 –2024], weaving together themes of empowerment, equality, and transformation with a deep focus on consciousness and creativity as catalysts for change.
At its core, YOKE delves into the idea that consciousness—both individual and collective—is pivotal in recognising and addressing gender inequalities. This special edition will highlight stories of women and communities that have awakened to systemic and colonial-induced impediments, and through this awareness have initiated movements, policies, initiatives and conversations aimed at dismantling these narratives and structures. It will also illustrate how this heightened consciousness is not just about identifying problems but also about fostering a shared understanding that leads to meaningful action.
Creativity is championed as an essential element in the quest for gender equality. YOKE will showcase examples of how artistic expression, innovative resolve, and clever and fearless approaches to activism have been instrumental in highlighting women's concerns and freedom. From grassroot campaigns that use art to communicate powerful messages, to the power of ancient teachings that heal and unite body, mind and spirit, to tech-driven solutions for women's safety, health and education, creativity will be presented as a potent tool for change.
One of the most compelling aspects of YOKE is its examination of how consciousness and creativity intersect to produce transformations. It will feature case studies of women who have combined their deep awareness of gender issues with creative strategies to effect change in their communities and beyond. These chronicles will serve as a testament to the idea that when women harness their full potential and unique perspectives, they can reshape themselves and in turn, the world, in profound ways.
YOKE addresses the necessity of creating art and spaces where women's consciousness and creativity can flourish. It discusses the role of education, supportive networks, and inclusive policies in enabling women to explore and express their identities, ideas, and aspirations freely, arguing that such environments not only benefit individual women but also contribute to a more vibrant, equitable, and innovative wellspring for the benefit of all women.
This is a celebration of, and calling for, a future where consciousness and creativity are greatly valued and nurtured. This 10-year anniversary limited edition publication invites readers of all backgrounds to engage with its insights and stories, encouraging an ongoing effort to create a more just and creative, conscious and intentional world.
Through its inspiring narrative, YOKE not only celebrates the achievements of women but also highlights the essential work that lies ahead, driven by the collective power of women's consciousness and creativity.


Suggested themes include:
Reclaiming pleasure / Joy / Liberation
Movements #meetoo #yesshecan
Activism/ Activists / Grassroots campaigns that use art as a medium
Modern day slavery / Equality
Education, supportive networks, and inclusive policies
Punitive culture
Violence against Women / Rape / DV / Sexual Harassment
The fifth wave of feminism
Talking Circles / the Salon / Creating spaces
Feminine wisdom of old cultures
Constructs breaking down
Wellbeing and health care / Mothers / Careers
Bodies controlled by men / abortion rights
Body sovereignty / Womens health
tech-driven solutions for women's safety, health, and education
Covid and how this affects women globally
Great feminist leaders of the last 10 years
Climate change affecting women and children
Seed saving / rewidling
Artificial intelligence and humanity

Submission information
All submissions approved will be finalised in collaboration with editors. Information below outlines the types of articles we are looking for, and a further detailed brief will be provided once submission is approved.


Submission summary deadline 30 June 2024
Finished article deadline 30 July
Print/ Sale 1 September
Distribution November

Types of submissions welcomed:
Feature articles
Short stories
Opinion/ Perspective pieces
Reviews / Case Studies
Books and Art/ Artist reviews
Technology features

“Let’s find the brave women who have walked before us and see how they navigated the journey. Let’s investigate female artist, writers, dancers, political leaders, and spiritual teachers who embody qualities we wish to cultivate in ourselves and take refuge in them. Let’s lay down our burdens in their metaphysical laps and drink from their ever-flowing breasts.” 
Mirabai Starr From Wild Mercy

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