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Issue 1: Love-Loss

Print issue sold out – now available on digital!

The themes of love and loss are filtered through the pages of this first issue of YOKE, as a little reminder and celebration that we all connect with love and loss during our lifetime.

Featuring people from all over the globe, from Sydney to Sanganer, from San Francisco to Buenos Aires.

How we learn to love and let go is an intrinsic and vital function of being human.

Interviews with: Activist photographer Michael Hall; Reverend Graham Long from Kings Cross Wayside Chapel; Artist Petrina Hicks; The Bondi Food Collective; Stand-up documentarian Emma Beech; Film director Jennifer Lynch. Recognised international yogis – Gregor Maehle, Cat Kabira, Simon Borg-Olivier, Daniel Aaron.

In Conversation, with artists and friends: Tommy Bradson & Paul Capsis in conversation with producer Veronica Bolzon; Timothy Cummings sharing with Luke Anthony; A conversation between two local Sydney artists, Nell and Lionel Bawden; Tiffany Shlain with Melita Rowston.

Portrait Series from: Andy Richter (USA); Michael Hall (AUS); Laura Pannack (UK); Manjari Sharma (USA); Sofia Lopez Mañan (Argentina).

Illustrations from: Artist Emma Magenta (AUS).

Articles, short stories and shared travel adventures with: Alison Teal (Hawii); Walter G (India); Melita Rowston (Spain); PostCard Treats by Bridgette Di Ferdinando; Conscious eating by Lauren Glucina (AUS); Creativity Matters by Nola Diamantopoulos.

Book excerpts from: Love over Hate – Finding life by the Wayside by Graham Long.

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