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From ancient Ayurveda to Wirradjiri wisdom, Issue 2 interrogates the lived and conceptual relationships between balance and truth, the spirit, and healing. Embracing the craziness of life and our continuous ambitious desire to find and hang onto balance. Brings together global leaders and local Aussie voices, from culinary culture to permaculture, from physical performance to philosophy.

Issue 2: Balance Physical Print

  • Featuring interviews with: Aboriginal elder Minmia; renowned Sydney-based Ashtanga yoga teachers: Paul Frechtling, Eileen Hall and Fiona Pullen; Sydney’s foremost female creatives: Kerri Glasscock, Sibella Court, Sarah Goodes, Eliose King; mantra-musicians Edo and Jo; B. Allan Wallace; Australian Indigenous artist Christian Thompson; choreographer Ryan Heffington; Inspiring expats Les Leventhal, Daniela Burr, Janet De Neefe, Heather Bonker.

    Physical performers: Danik Abishev, Kathryn Puie, Lilikoi Kaos, Mark Winmill (Captain Kidd), and Tara Gower; Tibetan Buddhist nun Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo; Permaculturist Cecilia Macaulay; Chef Matt Stone, Dr Max Malev, naturopath Emily Rose Yates, barman Bobby Carey; Ayurvedic physician Dr Robert Svoboda.

    Photo Series from: Andrew Quilty (AUS); Claire Letitia Reynolds (AUS); Dean Chalkley (UK); Antoine Bruy (FRA).


    Articles and travel stories by: Melita Rowston; Noula Diamantopoulos; Bridgette Di Ferdinando; Veronica Layunta Maurel, Veronica Bolzon.

    Book excerpt from: Under the Quandong Tree by Minmia.

    Illustrations from: Artist Laurent Sanguinetti (FRA)

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