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The Neuropsychology of Spending

Liberating our financial health

Let's face it; our discretionary spending in the current climate has gone far beyond Maslow’s basic needs. You may have noticed it's become a diversion and distraction, adversely impacting our mental health and overall well-being.

Have you ever delved deeply into your hidden drivers and beliefs that keep you stressed and struggling in a scarcity mindset? Have you thought about what drives your behaviour towards money, particularly in a world of restrictions and isolation?

There is a deep connection between money and pain, money and shame, money and power, money and sabotage. As the gap between the haves and have–nots grows even wider, our deep interconnectedness and the inherent injustices and inequities in societies around the globe have become even more visible.

The psychology of money and where we choose to put it is more complex than ever before. We all know this is heavily rooted in our sense of identity and self-esteem. However, how we spend (if we choose to acknowledge it or not) can have catastrophic rippling effects on our planet and the well-being of millions of people around the globe.

For those of us who are privileged enough to have it, it's a critical time to think about our relationship with money. Regardless of whether you are leading an organisation or saving for a sustainable and ecological future, where we choose to spend our money can have a huge impact on our climate and each other.

Join us to understand the neuropsychology of money with Jane Monica-Jones, a leading Financial Therapist. Come explore some of your personal hidden drivers and beliefs that shape how you spend and let’s discover together some healthier and more hopeful ways we can reduce our impact on the planet and humanity.

Wednesday 30 November 2022
6:00 – 9:00 PM
YOKE HQ, Redfern
Tix $79
limited seats at the table
Includes 2-course sit-down meal

All proceeds from this supperunyoked will be going to support a charity. Additional signed books will be available for purchase on the day.

About our guest speaker / Jane Monica–Jones

Jane Monica-Jones is a Financial Therapist and Trauma Informed Financial Wellbeing Specialist. She is a pioneer in the study of the psychological and behavioural challenges of money and financial management practices. She has a passion for working compassionately with clients and employees of organisations to repair relationships with money. The author of ‘The Billionaire Buddha’, a culmination of her work, study and research in the field of Financial Therapy, Jane also hosts the ‘Financial Therapy’ podcast, dedicated to promoting and facilitating economic empowerment for all.

About Supper Unyoked
Our mission is to raise the bar and explore what it takes to unite through creativity and conversation, to inspire transformation in ourselves, and contribute to socially sophisticated interdependence. We invite the connection of ethical beings eager to find ways to make positive change in our world.


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