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Thu, 03 June


Redfern, Sydney

Finding New Ground with Maggie Hamilton

Join Maggie Hamilton as she uncovers and challenges our assumptions about men and masculinity.

Finding New Ground with Maggie Hamilton

Time & Location

03 June 2021, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Redfern, Sydney

About the event

Let’s  face it, there’s a lot to perturb us about the relationships between  men and women right now. What is the reality of the lives, of men and  boys behind our stereotypes? And what of their hidden aches and fears,  of their despair? How does this impact the growing divide currently felt  between the sexes?

What  is it we’re not getting, and what can you and I do about it? Every day  we read articles about men - men at home, men at work, men in bed – yet  still the confusion and frustration, the exhaustion and heartache. What  are the intricate dynamics at play here? What bridges must be built, and  how can we best go about this?

Join  us and take your seat at the table with special guest, author and  social researcher Maggie Hamilton, as she uncovers and challenges our  assumptions about men and masculinity.  Speaking from her acclaimed  research into the lives of men and boys, written up as the book, ‘What  Men Don’t Talk About’, that has been continuously in print for over a  decade.

This  is an invitation to men and women, who desire to intelligently explore,  understand and celebrate how we can widen our lens and encourage men to  move beyond the current narrow definition of masculinity, which is a  difficult fit in our fast-paced, ever-changing global world.


Maggie  Hamilton is a researcher and author of many acclaimed books with a  Masters in English Literature and expertise in self-development. She is a  keen observer of social trends, and has an inspiring vision to combat  the increasing social isolation in our families and communities in her  latest book, When we Become Strangers. Her other books include: What Men  Don’t Talk About; What’s Happening to Our Boys?; and What’s Happening  to Our Girls?; Coming Home: Rediscovering our sacred selves, Magic of  the Moment and Love Your Work, Reclaim Your Live.


This  supper is supporting Heart & Soul Care at Govinda Valley. All  proceeds will go toward women of Domestic Violence enabling them to  attend healing retreats.

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