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We create powerful, culturally inclusive content. Our imagination seeks to thrill you. We are eyes, ears, and heart centred. We strive to draw forth the best from our collective intelligence.

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Applauding a decade of continued celebration of beauty, wisdom and creativity, and showcasing stories of difference by bringing forth unique voices for the exchange of ideas, experiences and solutions. 

This special print edition of YOKE is a comprehensive look at how women have used their feminine wisdom, awareness and innovative thinking to challenge the status quo and pave the way for future generations.


 embodying creativity to liberate our human potential
BALI  MAY 2024

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Beauty in mortality 

Australian photographic artist Marian Drew

This project sought an aesthetic solution to explore the artist's relationship with animals killed as a consequence of urban expansion, roads, pets, power lines and farming in Australia

We are coming together at times of big change to engage in collective visioning, where insights of the soul have a place at the table.

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Coming to Terms

By Australian-born artist Abdul Abdullah

As the son of a sixth-generation Australian and a Malaysian Muslim, Abdul Abdullah offers a unique perspective on contemporary Australian culture and what it means to be a young Australian Muslim today.


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Each issue seriously aims to live joyfully, with an explosive mix (of many delicious things) that invites you to delve deep. With the stories of difference, with tales of creative pursuits and ancient wisdoms, we go forth to celebrate beautiful ideas and real people.

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The Recyclers of Port-Au-Prince

By New York-based photographer Giles Clarke

In a 200-acre dump, three miles north of Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, men, women and children recycle plastics, clothing and other items. It is here that the majority of the rubble from the January 2010 earthquake was dumped. 

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